Can fitbit track runs?

Improve your workouts with the Exercise app on some Fitbit devices. Most devices automatically record various exercises, such as walking, running, or doing elliptical exercises. If you just want a simple heart rate monitor and distance tracker, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is a great affordable option. This is a tracker, not a smartwatch, so it doesn't come with all the apps and functions of a smartwatch, but it's a great tool for keeping track of fitness and running goals.

The Charge 2 connects with your phone to send call, text and email alerts to your wrist. The training function allows users to measure runs, walks, cycling sessions, etc. Connect the device to your phone's GPS and you will also see your distance and pace reflected on the screen. Since there is no internal GPS, the Charge 2 will track this on its own, but the results are much less accurate).

They are often more affordable than fitness trackers and Fitbits, but they still allow users to track their steps, distance traveled and calories burned throughout the day. If you're a serious runner, you need a fitness tracker that can do more than count steps, measure sleep, and vibrate when a push notification appears on your phone. Regardless of which Fitbit you choose, you'll be well on your way to improving your fitness and exceeding your running goals. Some of the trackers included here offer advanced metrics including ground contact time, stride length, and estimated recovery time needed after a workout.

Now in its fourth version, the Charge has the longest lineage of all the trackers in the current Fitbit line. We like the Inspire as a watch for those who are curious to wear a fitness tracker, but are still not sure if it's for them. Overall, Fitbit Charge 4 offers great features as well as accurate tracking, making it the best Fitbit fitness tracker band for running. Bookmark this page and refer to it as you need to decide which ones are most important for you to have in your tracker.

The good news is that many fitness trackers and smartwatches today can now track your cadence, pace and other statistics that were previously reserved for special wearable devices focused on running. This provides a personalized score that uses data from a person's exercise, sleep, and heart rate variability trackers to let them know if their body is ready to exercise or if they should take a day to recover. The design of the Parker link bracelet by Gorjana for Luxe aims to make Fitbit look more like a piece of jewelry than a smartwatch or fitness tracker. As it comes with a built-in GPS tracker, you don't need your smartphone to track your run, and use the built-in GPS tracker to accurately track your run.

However, some hybrid fitness tracker watches look more sophisticated than many others. Fitbit Charge 4 is the most advanced fitness tracker band from Fitbit, and it comes with all the features you would expect from a good fitness tracker band.

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