Do you have to connect a fitness tracker to your phone?

However, many people will wonder if you can use a fitness tracker without a smartphone. The short answer is yes, some models can be used independently. This is because the sensors used to record fitness information are included in the monitor itself. Most fitness trackers can be used independently of a smartphone.

Although smart apps and devices often offer useful features for tracking workouts and configuring devices, the software used to track steps, distance and heart rate information is usually self-contained for most fitness watches. MoveSpring can connect to Android phones through the free Google Fit app, which allows you to use your phone as a fitness tracker. Follow the steps below to set up Google Fit on your phone and connect the Google Fit app to MoveSpring. All Fitbit devices require a mandatory Fitbit account.

At the initial stage of the configuration, you need to borrow the Internet connection and the connectivity protocol from a master device with Internet access. Usually, a tracker should be worn just above the wrist bone and tight enough to prevent it from slipping, but some manufacturers are more specific. Although the Fitbit wireless sync dongle is recommended for Fitbit devices, any Bluetooth adapter (LE 4.0 or higher) will work perfectly (the only exception is Windows 8, where you must use the proprietary Fitbit dongle). If you have a Garmin or Samsung activity tracker, here's how you can turn off the Bluetooth connection and protect yourself from radiation exposure.

This is the most essential feature you need, especially when you are religiously tracking your progress towards a better and fit lifestyle. Choosing one of the best fitness trackers or the best smartwatches will ensure you get an accurate device. Make sure you keep your activity watch or activity tracker clean, especially after you've been exercising or wearing it for long periods of time. Familiarize yourself with the controls and functions of your smartwatch or fitness tracker by reading the manual.

Make sure you've downloaded Google Fit from the Google Play Store and set up your Google Fit account before trying to connect again. All fitness trackers and smartwatches will pair with a companion app on your smartphone; the manual should tell you the name. You can use them to your liking to improve your health and fitness and without having to connect them to a smartphone or computer. For example, although you can track weight workouts and bike rides on many fitness trackers, many will only show your stats of steps, current heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled during the current day.

Fitness trackers designed to connect to other devices are problematic because of the radiation emitted by their wireless connectivity. Many of the fitness tracker websites, such as Fitbit and Garmin, have FAQ sections on their websites where you can get answers to frequently asked questions without having to talk to a representative.

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